Monday, January 19, 2009

Working Vizsla

When you think of Vizslas working, you envision them out in the field; however, this Vizsla is working on her year end financial analysis of our family business and doing a damn good job!

Little lady worked the flight of 8 steps to get up to her office after cruising all the way from the car. That is our longest excursion yet. She followed that by a hop out to the executive puppy potty at midday with grace considering she is still on narcotics.

When we got home, D suggested we take off the t-shirt and give her a good scratch! Here she is having dinner, only her regular venison and sweet potato diet with fresh sweet potato for some extra deliciousness... The one dark area of the amp incison, just needs to be cleaned up. It was the one spot that was not 100% when the staples were removed. In addition to her amp shave marks, she has belly shave upon shave from the ultrasounds, aspirates, and lipoma excision. Please ignore her large "lady lump," as she has is one of the lumpiest ladies around. That goofy pop song was written for Cheddar.

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