Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feeling good on a lazy Saturday

This is how we started the day. Nice huh? A far more with it Cheddar greeted me this morning. We got a great night of sleep and only woke up to adjust a few times. It was so snuggly and warm in our bed that she only got up to go outside when it was absolutely necessary. Then it was down to business and a quick sniffing, but that was enough. It was too chilly outside so we followed her lead and hopped back inside.

Cheddar is MUCH better today. In fact, she is following me around from room to room. In fact, she kept me company in the bathroom while I showered. She has even joined her Dad in the sunroom for some coffee time. Her eyes are brigher. She seems more interested in what is going on around the house. Hooray. Even after a hop around the house or outside, she isn't winded and panting as she has been. She seems steadier on her feet. Although she did whine for a few minutes out of nowhere last night, I don't sense that she is in pain right now. Hallelujah!

I got more carpet runners to lay down as runways (more like hop-ways) on our hardwood floors. That is going to happen today.

I have been trying for 3 days to upload video of her in motion without any luck.

So, here is a photo of her amp incision at 11 days post surgery. Looking great! One spot is a little scabby, but the two sides appear fused overall.

The second photo is the belly incision. This is much, much better. It lays between her lady blubber so it doesn't get a lot of air and from the beginning was inflamed and irrated by those crummy staples.


I went outside for a minute. Often the door to the backyard doesn't latch properly and either Cheddar or Oliver can open it and come into the screened in porch. Well, Oliver, the kitty, looooves to be on the back porch. Did I say I went out for a minute? Well, the kitty came out on the porch on a very chilly day. When I got to the porch, it wasn't was PUPPY!!!! Hooray!

AND, if that wasn't good enough, Karen came to visit and got the most exciting and enthusiastic reception from Cheddar. Ched popped up and zoomed over to say "hi" with full body wiggle/waggle! AWESOME!!!!

What a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Poor baby girl. Glad to see she is doing better.

  2. Those icky staples must have been very bothersome glad to see they have been removed. Keep wigglin!!!

  3. She is looking so good and healing nicely!! I am so glad to get to see her!!