Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspiration at Three Weeks

Today marks 3 weeks since Cheddar joined a new very special group of 3 legged dogs. Just 2 weeks ago we were down and low as low can be, but today is a very different story.

Everyday we have lots of firsts. These mark little Ched behavoirs that mean she is getting back to her regular old self. At work she won't keep still, she is all over the place up and down and back again looking for treats from those who contribute to her habit. Yesterday, she caught one of her babies in the air for the first time in 3 weeks. Cheddar's Daddy is still holding out for a full-fledged boo-roo...so far we only have quiet woofs. I was cruel and tried to see if she would "shake" with her remaining front paw, but I did not push her...she looked at me like "are you crazy, woman?"

She does appear to have some light rash around her belly slice and a little edema at the bottom of her amp scar, but we have a call in to the doc to see what that non-sense is all about.

At first you might think this is silly, but listen to the words...it is Cheddar's new theme song compliments of D J Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


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