Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slave Driver! Get back to work!

Yesterday, Cheddar stayed home with D. He has had a crummy cold/flu for far too long.
When I got home from work, D said Ched had not been drinking today. So, I poured her a bowl of chicken stock and she drank quite a bit. *sigh*
After a quiet evening, I woke up at midnight with a Vizsla standing over me. ONE WEEK to the day after a scapular disarticulation of her front right limb and abdominal surgery to remove a necrotic lipoma, girlfriend moved from the bed, out the door, down the stairs, rocked #1 & #2, got a drink and went back to bed. All of this was without any support, sling, or help at all! *SIGH*

10 years ago, I came to work for my family business. At that time, the only request I made was to bring my dog to work. Well, we don't play around here and Cheddar is back to work today. She has a lot of catching up to do. Hell, some of our employees who have a minor first aid issues don't get back to work this quickly. D helped me set her up. I thought I would have to carry her up to our office, but Nope. She made it with a little help from the sling.

P.S. I found a great link on limb amputation from the ACVS.


Also, I have some good pics of the incision and will post them later.

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