Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everybody BOO-ROO

We have boo-roo! Yesterday afternoon our silly ritual of two foolish humans howling with their dog returned! A "boo-roo" involves not only a vocalization, but on Cheddar's part hopping backwards for emphasis! She did it and it was awesome!

On top of the boo-roo, we had another first and another awesome one at that! Prior to her surgery, upon returning home from work, Cheddar would run inside, find the nearest stuffed animal and instigate a came of catch/fetch even throwing her "baby" into the air and going airborne to catch it! Not only did she play, but she jumped up in the air and used her front foot to assist in the duckie catch! It brought tears to our eyes.

We have been watching some flaky spots on her groin and a weird speckled rash around her belly incision. Today she was also licking the lower portion of her amp site. She has some kind of skin irritation and maybe even staph. SO, back on the damn antibiotics for two weeks. Supposedly this is common, but we are both tired of the doc!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Cheddar's setback. Hope the antibiotics clears it up.