Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cupcakes & Good Riddence

Yesterday Cheddar said "See Ya" to her surgeons today! We had our final recheck and they gave her two thumbs up for being the most fantastic beastie ever! We took the nice folks cupcakes as a grateful "kiss off." Although they were good to us and have a nice facility, we are incredibly happy to never go there again.

Today is the first day without any meds. We have a bright-eyed girl on our hands. I have to be on top of putting a baby gate up at my office door to keep her contained. Just for a week or so longer, I would like to keep tabs on her and the flight of stairs just outside my door. When she was worn out at the end of the day, she stumbled going down them yesterday. For now, an extra eyeball on her to pick her up or cheer her on still makes sense. BUT, it is going to be a tough job because when she is up, she is raring to go and she GOES quickly.

Cheddar is really getting the hang of this new body. I had her in the back yard yesterday afternoon and she was cruising along and sniffing as she went. I will work on getting video of her in motion now. It is very different. Everyday she is covering more turf and doing it well. Her little tail is a powerful tool in balancing and the stance of her rear legs is more spread out to create a wider base. When she is sitting or squatting the position of her front leg varies. Sometimes it is planted in the middle, while others it is on it's normal side and she leans a bit. When laying down, she is all over the place. Actually, she lays down more than she sits now.

Something else that is new is really, really sweet. My cute little pup is the snuggliest most affectionate thing on the planet. With 4 paws, a typical vizsla maneuvere is to sit and place a front paw on you, or maybe even both. Kind of a means to keep you there petting them. WELL, this one cannot do that anymore. She puts her head down either on your shoulder or tucks into your chest. I love my dog.

She is just shy of being back on her regular full diet (3 C of a limited protein kibble...venison and sweet potato). I am on a mission to get her back on her old schedule for everything....feeding, going outside, playtime, bedtime. We are almost there.

I know she is feeling better because my opportunities to get photos are dwindling. I got some nice belly shots and will work on a amp one to post later.

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