Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two steps wobbly one sideways

Cheddar had a great day at work. It seems like getting back to our regular routine is the best plan of action. She did not over do it physically, but maybe mentally. At the end of the day she was worn out. When we got home, she had her 30 minute heating pad and massage treatment, a little dinner, and then a snooze.
Later in the evening, I could hear her respiration and it sounds really irregular. I paid closer attention and it was all over the place and really fast. It was really upsetting. She wasn't exerting herself, in fact, she was laying complete flat and just huffing & puffing without any pattern. Ched even fell asleep and dreamt during this period. All of the muscles in her face and around her wound were twitching and the crazy breathing continued. I didn't know what to do. D told me to call the ER and they said I should check that her gums were pink indicating her O2 levels were o.k. They were. This passed after about 45 arduous minutes. Misery.
Then, we both got some sleep, with a 2 a.m. potty break. Not sure why, but she doesn't settle down after the potty breaks for a long time. She is just trying to nest and get comfy. Finally, she laid down behind me, on top of all the fluffy bedding, leaned against me and passed out. Yeah, so here she is snoring, the cat is curled in a ball in front of me and it is a Mom sandwich and I am the meat. The meat that cannot move.
This morning, she was up raring to go. Hopping around the house to keep and eye on us. She got her last dose of her Tramadol. I think I may get some more just in case. The idea of the pain script being complete is scary.
p.s. I tried to take some video of her following me around last night, but I blew it.

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  1. Hi Cheddar,
    I just wanted to welcome you to the Tripawd family, and let you and your pawrents know that you are definitely not alone in this. I know it's hard, but try not to worry so much. Humans forget that we dogs are more resilient than they think.

    If you guys want to talk, come visit us at We are here for you. Good luck Cheddar.