Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Mom...poor dopey.

The sedative worked. A little too well. I gave her a whole pill and knew I should have tested one half first. Stupid me. I REALLY know better.
It is 12 hours since she had the pill and she is still out of it. I did just get a meager tail wag and, of course, she ate her morning pain med with cheese, but she is super much so, D & I don't want to risk taking her outside.
On the bright side, I don't have to and this is why.
In the night, maybe around 3 a.m., Cheddar got up, stepped down off of the mattress, and settled down on her own bed. All by herself. I was impressed even though I thought it was weird as I watched her in the darkness. In fact, her movements were very fluid and seemingly solid. Maybe she just wanted to adjust. NOT! She was so doped up on the Acepromazine that she had wet the bed.
Now, let me share a little of Cheddar's character. She is so well behaved that even for the smallest bad deed, she essentially tattles on herself. For example, she has a thing for q-tips, used ones. So, if you find the tip less stick of a q-tip on the floor, she hangs her head and removes herself from the situation. Whatever it might be, it is so minor that it is almost amusing...poor dog, punishing herself.
SO, poor baby, what was she thinking, in her ultra-sleepy state, when she moved to her own bed after her mistake. I hope it was she just wanted to get away from the wet spot. UGH. Lesson learned...I will take my lumps.
At least she is getting a lot of rest. Also, she is so sleepy that I managed to get this picture...albeit not so flattering with her eyes glazed over.

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