Saturday, January 10, 2009

Got a joke for you....WHAT was that?!!!

Cheddar had her first visitor just a little while ago. Uncle S is always there when you need him. He added a little levity with a joke" What did the nurse say to the doctor after Cheddar's surgery? Who cut the cheese." Thank god for Uncle S

Holy &^%(%! just as I was typing there were some thuds coming from the living room....I turned to the door of our office and there was CHEDDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got up to find me, to tell me she had to pee. We scooped her up and took her outside.

I gave her a little rawhide as a reward and now she seems annoyed that she cannot hold it down with her paws. I tried to hold it for her and she wasn't having that. She is now fast asleep with what looks like a cigar in her mouth. (She hopped all the way in here to ask for help!! OMG! OMG) What a girl?!!

side note: there was a lot of swelling below her it is WAY down.

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