Sunday, January 18, 2009

kick assed link

So, I have tried for forever now to get video uploaded here and it isn't flying. Here is a link to a video of our rockin' girl today. She is looking strong and feeling more like herself!


  1. Hi,

    To get the video into your post:
    1) go and view your video in facebook.
    2) look to the right hand side and there is a little menu starting with +share.
    3) click the last selection "embed your video"
    4) copy the text that comes up in a little window
    5) paste the text into your blog text.

    Good luck. Cheddar is looking very good


  2. Glad to see the tail is still wagging. :)

  3. She looks so flippin' awesome!! Bart can't wait to meet his twin!! She seems to be in good spirits and so lively. What an awesome gal!!! Gooo Cheddar!!!!

  4. Just come across your blog... Well done Cheddar... looks like you are doing really well :))))