Thursday, January 15, 2009

maybe not sideways...we have a fever

Well, after Tuesday night's weird episode, we took Cheddar to the doctor yesterday. Not only did they want to see her, but we got out staples out!!! So, that was awesome because the belly staples were looking really raw and appeared really uncomfortable. One little spot on her amp incision was a little weepy, but otherwise fantastic!
So, we found she had a fever. We will continue the Baytril (antibiotic) and Tramadol (pain med) for an additional week. I swear, the minute you told her she had a fever, she went limp and lethargic.
Although she ate well last night, she was quite quiet. Once I settled down to go bed, she did hop up and sleep ON me. We woke up at 2 a.m. on the nose (hope this routine changes soon), and fluffed around the bed for an hour, but did not go out.
We are back to work today. She did not walk in like she did previously...her sweet Daddy carried her. I plan on giving her pain meds on her new schedule. My fingers are crossed that our animated pup is back soon.

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