Thursday, February 12, 2009

when is this going to be done

Good god. We went to the dermatologist today. Looks like our little puppy is just baking cakes covered in critters. Today they scraped her crusty bits and ran slides...then determined they needed to grow a culture to find out what nasty little critters are growing on my girl.

NOW, we get to start treated shampoos and leave in conditioners every other day. On top of that, twice everyday, we get to do coochie and footie antibacterial wipes, cooch neosporin application, and an extra treatment goo on her amp incision.

We are going out of town this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day and Cheddar's first big outing. You know her "My Little Pony" back pack is going to contain treats and vulva wipes. Yeesh...

THANK GOD we jumped on treating her.

So, the deal is on top of being allergic to everything with the trama of all that she has been through her immune system is in the toilet and the normal everyday cooties are taking advantage of that.

D asked how he could help, but I doubt he is going to wanna wipe Cheddar's cooch twice a day.

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