Saturday, February 7, 2009

a new milestone

We have been on such a good train of progress that a minor step back yesterday seemed MAJOR.

As we started our workday, Cheddar fell down some stairs and it was painful to watch. She really did not fall, but her front leg got tucked underneath her body and she kind of slid down. It is hard to see a stumble because she really has been back to our new normal in behavior and activity. Her stumbles really affect my attitude to her progress and probably knock me down when she just gets up and keeps on hopping.

WELL, when we got home another, she kicked my attitude right back up with a huge milestone. I was sitting on my bed talking to D and his whole face changed. Cheddar jumped onto our bed for the first time as a tripod!!! AND I missed it. Before she could easily take a flying leap or even delicately bounce right up. In fact, we would often play fetch with the bed being home base. Evidently she pulled some sideways manoeuver and got right up. Just a little while later, I encouraged her to do it again and she did it! NICE!!!!

Her weird skin stuff is still evident and doesn't seem to be improving. We are headed back in to the Doc on Monday to see what is up. Wish that would away especially since she is still on Cephalexin...ugh. Hate antibiotics. Give the pup a break!


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  2. Oh Cheddar, we are so glad that you are OK. Please be careful on those stairs.

    When I had my amputation, I had 19 steps to navigate to get in and out of the house. My Mom and Dad used the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness on me, and it was a real lifesaver. They always used it when helping me to get down our steep stairs, but going up, I hardly ever had a problem.

    Take it easy and watch yourself on those jumps. Give your muscles some time to build up OK?

    Good luck sister Tripawd, we love you.

    Your pal, Spirit Dog Jerry