Friday, February 20, 2009

Sawing LOGS....damn.

Cheddar is snoring so loudly that she is distracting me. I just peeked at her (she works with me everyday...if you can call what she does work) and she is curled up in a ball on my old Bert and Ernie comfortor with her paw over her nose. Sooooooo cute.

We are still working on this darn skin thing, but she is looking great. The antibiotics they prescribed most recently, erythromycin, is upsetting her belly. They wanted her to have it 3x daily at 500mg. That is a lot. She barfed after the first night on the way to work in the back of my car. Hot dog barf. Nice way to start the day. Poor kid. We backed off to 2x daily starting last night. So far so good.

I will get the video of her from this weekend posted. I will. I will.

Just before she settled in for this nap, she was nesting around on her blanket using her paw. Pretty cool stuff!

She is doing so amazingly that I we are relaxed now. I can even shift gears and start getting excited about our big trip to Greece.

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