Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give a girl a break....geez

Well, Ched's rash/skin irritation hasn't gotten better. Even being on a high dose of Cephalexin (again) it has gotten worse...so back to the vet yesterday.

So, I had a giant list of areas to point out that were itchified/flaky and some questions. In addition to the skin thing, I am really concerned that her little front dainty-girlie wrist sure gets contorted in weird directions with her movement.

Asside -> Illustration:
1. Hold your hand out palm down.
2. Rotate your fingers 90 degrees clockwise
3. Rotate your palm down, pinky first 10 degrees.

WELL....with each hop Cheddar takes when going a slower pace, this is how her foot lands on the ground. Now you see what I am talking about.

So, I asked the doctor to make some recommendations on what to do...and we ordered a carpal brace fit to her footie. Nothing intense, just something for a little support. Hope it works. :)

That brings me to something else. Why is it that you don't get the information you really need to support your pet ahead of time or even at all? If I did not ask the 8 zillion questions that I do, I would be floundering and my kid would suffer. Thank goodness, once again for my friend, D and her 3-legged Vizsla, Ch Razn the Bar JH "Bart" and the online boards and the REAL advice that has made life smoother.

I think next I will work on a supply list of all the crapola I know of that has helped make life easier....hmmmm....

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  1. Cheddar, if your Mom makes that list, we'd love to see it on Tripawds.com. It would be so great to share it with other Tripawd pawrents there! Thanks for considering it.