Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Triumphant Return

Before her surgery, we tried to get Cheddar out to her "doggie paradise," Cumberland Island, but it did not work out. Our dear friends live there and we are lucky enough to visit with Cheddar. Cheddar's was practically raised with her best buddy, a Basenji named "Hobbes," who we don't see very often now that he is one the island full time. Over the years we have watched Ched and Hobbes develop goofy little games and behaviors. With this visit, we weren't sure how things would go.

Cheddar knows exactly what is up when we head in the direction of the marina and is a fantastic little traveller. Upon on arrival Cheddar would practically skip around the island. We typically do a lot of relaxing, walking, and eating on our visits. Walks in the woods and playing on the beach are some of Ched's favorite things to do. Since her surgery, we haven't taken any long walks, so this was all uncharted territory.

Well, our trip was perfect and our little inspiration did beautifully. She got extra attention from the other folks on the boat, but other than that, she was the perfect little sailor...even getting so excited as we pulled in to dock that we had to hold her back. Just like the 4-legged days.

Hobbes and Cheddar got along just fine. Now that he is older, Hobbes, is a grumpy old man set in his ways, so we were concerned that he might be extra ornery or pecky with the 3-legged girl.

After a chilly boat ride, we arrived and it was obvious that Cheddar was thrilled to be there and Hobbes was too. It brought tears to my eyes to see my kid so happy and not missing a beat.

I could go on and on about Cheddar chasing an armadillo, eating oysters, walking all the way to the garden and back, but the bottom line is she had a wonderful visit and owned it!

The only accomodation we made for my 3-legged doggie was driving to the beach when we would normally have walked. It was great. She ran around like an idiot, got her tootsies wet, and even attempted to dig. I say attempted. That isn't fair. She did dig...sand was moved. She dug! I will post photos and video.

Dig it!


  1. That is brilliant.

    A lovely story

    Glad she had a good time. Digging is certainly something to be proud of. Looking forward to the videos.


  2. She is doing amazing! So pleased for her.

  3. We just happened across your blog and love Cheddar! (I had to pay a visit when I heard something about cheese.) Anyway, my bro and I are so happy Miss C is doing well. Perhaps she's earned a cheesy treat?