Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quiet because all is welllll.....but now OLIVER

OK, guess my litte cat was jealous of all the attention his sister got and now he has his own aliment....DIABETES. WTF???? So, let's play catch up.

Cheddar has been amazing. Really. Perfect. She gets around beautifully and nothing gets in her way. She can run and play. Her life is great! She did so well, that we were able to go on our long scheduled vacation for two weeks and leave her with our friends, Uncle Steve and Colby (our nephew-vizsla). She is so fantastic that she is normal. Truely remarkable. In fact, she is more social and happy as she can be. Hooray!!!

WELLLLLL....Oliver isn't. He has been a super healthy guy forever. He was found in the marsh by a friend of mine surviving on a bag of Funyons (really) twelve years ago. I have affectionately called him Baby Fish Mouth because his only health issue has been terrible nasty little teeth. That is it. My white trash kitty. Solid. Sweet little man that you can snuggle like a teddy bear who is potty trained. Yes, he uses the toilet. He is dreamy....that is dreamy, until now.

When we got home from vacation, he seemed kinda scraggley. His normally sleak thick coat was really scruffy and he was shedding like crazy. Gradually as he has matured, he has gotten thinner, but now he looked skinny. Because he uses the toilet, we often hear him going and laugh. During the course of watching t.v., I heard him pee 3 times within a short period and I thought about it...his water bowl was going dry quickly. That was it. I took him to the vet.

We put him on Purina Dietic Management food and he bounced right back. Within 48 hours, the excessive drinking/peeing stopped.Whoohoo...just a bump in the road. Fast forward a few weeks.

It seemed like Oliver wasn't drinking as much...until, I realized he was drinking out of the toilet. ick. Back to the vet for more tests. After two days of insulin, he seemed more his little funny vocal self.

Bottom line. Don't feed your pets corn. Don't eat corn. Corn sucks. Nobody digests it. Especially little carnivore kitkats. :(

SO, today we start the injections of insulin ourselves. Gotta go get schooled

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  1. hi Cheddar & Mom

    how is Cheddar? i stumbled on your blog somehow and i'm so touched by what you went through.....i think Cheddar is remarkable and so are you

    anyway, i just wanted to say hello and i trust all is well.....if you have the time, do drop by and also post on Cheddar's progress as i do care

    coco and mumster
    pee ess: if you do visit and i'm not around, i should be home by Monday