Saturday, January 9, 2010


Life is good! Happy New Year and Ampuversary!
We celebrated a full year since Cheddar's amputation and although she lost a diseased appendage, we have gained a lot. We have new friends from this experience! We have new appreciation of the both the physical strength of our dear doggie and the innate fortitude of animals period. Who says that "Man" is superior? They might be very, very mistaken.

Cheddar definitely has changed in the past year and I am not sure whether it is maturity or the amputation. She deals with people differently. We have a very industrial business and Ched goes to work with us everyday. Where she used to shy from all strangers and run from their extended hands, she now has no fear or timidity and investigates everyone. Althought they all comment on how friendly she is now, some I have missed the fact that she is now a tripod. Really! I know. Amazing! Now at 12.5, everyone likes to bring up her white her face and old this and old that. Bah! Whatever, she is in better shape than they are and far cuter.

Also, Ched's prior excellent behavoir and obidience has gone down the toilet. She is deaf (like instantly one night shortly after the surgery) and begs like crazy at anything edible. In not hearing her own voice, the begging is SOOOOOOOO LOUD!!! Previously she had a designated "poop spot." Well, forget that..she goes on the first blade of grass off of the pavement.. Whatever, she is 12.5 and hopping on 3, who cares. Our little angel and deserves all of the extra snacks, butt scratches, and her own personal poop patrol.

Recently, I have two human friends that have been fighting different cancers and my wish for them is to have a similar spirit and attitude (for lack of a better word) towards their struggle and that they should overcome it, too!

Freezing weather made us post pone her party. Don't poke fun. If you had one of your limbs removed, you would deserve a party, too. When it goes down, I will try to post some pictures.

An update on Oliver (the unapologetic diabetic) at a twice daily insulin shots, he is back to his fantastic self. Shots are no biggie. If he could speak, he would tell you the same, he could careless. Please excuse the anthropomorphizing, but I swear that he knows that the shot makes him feel better. Not literally.."ok, when i get my insulin shot, i feel better." But more like, "I sure felt crappy and now whatever they are doing to me is working." The needles are so fine, he seldomly even reacts. (He is in my lap purring as we type.) He has changed, too. Although he has always been my "snuggle kitty" he is the super duper extra cuddly guy. Once again, I swear he knew he was in trouble and that he is now out of the woods.

I mentioned our new friends. Darcy and her Bart are inspiration and Adrea and her Fred have a touching story! Go take a peek at them on the web. Hopefully they will come to Ched's Partay.

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  1. Hi. I read through all your past posts today. It's great to see all the progress Cheddar has made, and encouraging for me to know that the early post-surgery days are the hardest.

    Barney is doing well, but yelping now and then when he moves the wrong way. But he loves to go outside and walk in his new way. So I am taking it a day at a time and letting him call the shots.

    Thank you for this blog! I'm sure it has helped others in a similar circumstance.