Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Darcy & Bart

Things are good. Cheddar is great other than incessant whining and being a spoiled little punk. She was headed down stairs for snacks from our receptionist and I barked at her for whining. She solidly managed to turn around in the middle of a flight of stairs and come back up to me. Not too shabby for a 3 legged girl!

I mentioned Barty the Wonderdog and his WonderMom, Darcy, earlier. Bart is a 4 yo Male that won a hunting title 4 months after a front limb amputation and 18 months of chemo. Wowza! Darcy is so dedicated that she is schlepping Barty all over the place so that he may gain his Master Hunter title. He is a superstar!

We were lucky enough to find these two crazies on the internet just by googling "Vizsla amputee." Having the support and resource of someone having gone through this madness before has been invaluable...especially with a Vizsla. They are special!

This weekend, Cheddar and I are taking a roadtrip to meet our new friends down in Nowhere, Florida. The Tampa Bay Vizsla Club is holding an event/tournament and we are going to watch our comrade rock it and drink a few cocktails in the woods. :) More to come.

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  1. How is cheddar doing? Any new updates? Hope you guys are well!